DAVID and GOLIATH – Believe it or Not

 And he took his staff in
his hand, and chose him
five smooth stones out
of the brook, and put
them in a shepherd’s bag
which he had, even in a
scrip; and his sling was in
his hand: and he drew near
to the Philistine. (1 Samuel 17:40)

Did you ever stop and think why David picked up five stones on his way to fight Goliath? Why did the Bible say he picked up five stones, from a brook, instead of just saying that he picked up some stones from the brook? Is there something behind the five stones? According to other Hebrew writings that have been handed down, during that period in time and history, it is said that David picked up the five stones because Goliath had four brothers who were also giants, who also defied the living God. David was going to kill them all. If David did kill them or not the history books do not say. Could this story be so? If it is, it explains the five smooth stones that were picked up by David. Some Christians in today’s world have more than one giant that they are facing, so why just pick up one stone? We need to do the same thing as David did and pick up some extra stones. Remember David was coming in the name of the Lord so it does not matter if it was one or five, a hundred or a thousand Goliaths. The Bible does not say anything about the other four stones. The Bible does say that Goliath had a brother, who was also a giant whose name was Lahmi. {2 Chronicles 20:5} His other brothers I cannot find anything about in the Bible} so we must really examine the writings in other ancient history books to see if it is really the truth. I tend to believe that it is. David was on the battle field for his Lordand he was going to keep on the firing line, just like Christians should do today. In other words let us not stop until the job is finished.

Never be disheartened by the power and pride of the church’s enemies. We do not need to fear huge men that come against us while we have the great God that is for us. This giant defied God’s people and he was made to pay for his disrespect. Nobody is more clearly marked for bringing down than those who censure God and His people. God will do great things rather than put up with the enemy behaving themselves arrogantly.


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