The Down Fall Of America

Now that the presidential election is behind us and we are faced with another four years of Barrack Obama we are hearing all kinds of reasons why he was re-elected. We wonder why a known liar who has been the president for the last four years can be re-elected. People offer up all kinds of reasons and excuses for this but there is only one reason why. For decades the American people have turn their back on God more and more. There is a order in which this happened. It did not just happen over night. Many people did not like Richard Nixon because of Watergate, but he made a statement once that was true then and is still true today. Nixon said the family unit is what makes or breaks America. This is a statement that I agree with 100 %. The conduct and the behavior of the family unit filters down and made our society what it was then and is now.. Lets look at the facts which we cannot deny.

THE EARLY 1960’s AND BEFORE: America was a Christian nation with families that attended church together, prayed together, had meals together around the dinning room table, parents taught their children right from wrong and kids were taught at a early age the value of work, faith, and what made this country strong. There was Bibles in the houses of most Americans and they were used. When most of us grew up we were taught respect for our elders and the public in general. Everyone in that family unit had a togetherness and a thankfulness for what the Lord provided. The roots were strong and the children in this generation became strong leaders for what was right. When families came together with the same purpose in mind they made a strong America. The schools were a place were kids could go and be safe. A place were they could become educated for the adult stages of their life. Here also they were taught the basic concepts of being a Conservative Christian. By this I mean every morning the school day was started with prayer, Bible reading, and pledge allegiance to the flag. They were taught in their studies what made this country great. They were taught about the founding fathers and the principals they handed down to us. There was no doubt in the students mind that America was a nation founded on God and His laws. These students had a sense of right and wrong. The hallways was a safe place as well as the school grounds. Because of all the correct teaching and love in the home and in our schools the students turned into a productive society and the process that was point out in the above comments should have started over again with their children. People looked out for each other and the church cared for the people in need. People worked for what they received. What the churches could not do the government had a well administered welfare program that took care of the basic needs for people until they could get back of their feet. Homosexual and Lesbian life styles were not recognized as legitimate life style and people did not come out in the open with this unnatural life style. Even though Gays were around they never “Came out of the closet” because of the shame.

The Year 1963: Prayer and Bible reading was ended in public school by the supreme court. The Bible and prayer was no longer allowed in our public school school system. The Year 1964 The federal government under the leadership of president Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat party decided that they wanted to make a great society. A different society than what was put forth by our founding fathers. Laws was past and put into place, paid for by the hard working tax payer. These new laws included government housing, food stamps, money allotted for other things such as to pay electric bills, telephone bills, doctor bills, and in some cases even cable TV Bills. Johnson and the democrat party made away for people to get on different programs mentioned above, but in all their planning they never made away for people to get off these programs. So at least two generations which are on these government programs do not know other way, Thus becoming the new family unit. This new family unit expect everything to be given to them by the government. As the 1960’s move forward the family unit begins to come apart. The parents now send their kids to church instead of going with them. Family time becomes involved more and more with doing what each one wants to do, instead of doing things as a family. The Year 1973 The killing of unborn babies, called abortion, was made legal by the supreme court in a decision called Roe verses Wade. That decision has shape the political climate in this country ever since.

The Years 1975 thru Present: The federal government recognizes homosexuals as a excepted life style and gives them special rights. Homosexuals get married in our churches and preach behind the pulpit at the sacred desk. Babies are now being killed in the last month of pregnancy and in some cases as they are being born. The Great Society becomes the society of takers and expects the government to supply them with everything. The democrat party does not want God as a part of the political platform. The president calls the constitution outdated and also puts forth the idea all of the Bible is not for today. Same sex marriage is allowed in a lot of states. People who call their self Christians vote for a man that goes against God’s laws. Drugs, violence, and police officers are now apart of the public school system. And there are a lot more things that could be named.

The blame for the American downfall  stems from the family unit. When a child grows up he only knows what he is taught in the home and in school. The family as a unit left and forsook God over the years little by little. The seeds of right and wrong, that was planted in our children’s heads are gone now and our nation, as we can see everyday, has turn into a depraved people and nothing is sacred anymore. America has become like Sodom,Gomorrah, and Nineveh. Every imagination of the human heart is okay with people. What will America’s out come be? Will the nation repent and call on God like Nineveh or will she face destruction for her sins like Sodom and Gomorrah? The time clock is running out for America.


2 thoughts on “The Down Fall Of America

  1. Excellent commentary. You’re absolutely right about the breakdown of the family system. The one thing that I would add is that the family unit was intentionally undermined as a prelude to destroying America. Are we there yet?

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