The Impact of This Election

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it is a very difficult choice this year for the voter. Or is it really all that difficult?  Like many of Americans, I find Donald Trump’s manner and speech at times distasteful and foul. But unlike some of the Republican “establishment” leaders who are jumping ship in resentment and so called righteous anger we must realize there will never be a perfect candidate. What I’m saying is this: a determination for what is right can compel that we not opt out of an election just because we don’t have the perfect candidate, but to vote for the one who represents the best choice to protect our Constitution and The United Stated of America.

You know what you are going to get with a President Hillary Clinton: Massive tax increases to cover single-payer medical care (meaning the government, using your tax money), higher corporate taxes and regulation (driving yet more businesses, and  jobs, out of the country and the addition of probably three left-leaning Progressive Party justices to the Supreme Court, who can continue to “fundamentally transform” the United.States. Here’s more: Voting rights for illegal immigrants and jailed criminals (many already released from incarceration prior to the election), “free” higher education (using the increased taxes from you), reduced border control without vetting incoming refugees and hidden terrorists, and an increased reduction in our military capabilities to a level not known in modern times. All of us should search our hearts … have our lives improved under Obama? No of course not and sorry to say things will be much harder under Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump will lead the way toward filling the Supreme Court with justices who value our Constitution. He intends to reduce tax brackets from the current 7 to 3 and reduce taxes overall including ending the death tax, so farmers and business owners can pass their assets on to the next generation. He intends to lower the corporate tax rate down to 15%, among the lowest in the world. He wants to return our military to effectively strong levels so the U.S. is once again a deterrent to aggression against free people. Our system of medical care under Trump will be redesigned so it will bring excellent care for a reasonable cost or in some cases no cost, and He eliminate Obama Care which was intended only as another way to grab power from the people and to control them. .

With the election of Donald Trump our precious freedoms can be protected. This election will have deep and overwhelming effect on us for many years.



Author: Bill Patchett

There is nothing better than studying the Bible, the history it contains, the stories of love and compassion, and the prophecies that are fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled. All my life I have found great comfort in reading the passages contained there. If people would only read and study the Bible for a half hour a day they would see the beauty of this Book. They would see that the answer to all life's problems are found between those sacred pages. And they would also see why The Bible is and always will be the Greatest Book in the world. It contains the very word of God. As an American I believe the Christian principles and values found in God's Word are a big part of what makes our Country great. Bill Patchett

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