DEMOCRATS — The You Name it Party

I will soon to be a 71 year old American and a registered independent voter. I was a registered Republican but they do not know what they stand for anymore and over the last eight years have gave Obama a free reign to do his dastardly deeds.  How sad it is because they were once the grand old party. But I’m afraid Donald Trump is right; It is time to drain the swamp.

My grandparents, great grandparents, other relatives and some of my friends all belonged to the Democrat Party because it was a “working man’s party.” Not now because it has become the welfare party. They are not like the old Democrat party. The new Democrat Party is no better than the communist party because they have become dominated by socialists, communists, atheists, and liberal-do-getters — “do as I say, not as I do” — who advocate for government controlled healthcare, same sex marriage, abortion, citizenship to all illegal immigrants and free hand-outs to keep one dependent on the Federal Government, Like I said communist. The last election they did not even want God as a part of their platform.

It’s a political party where its liberal leanings have gone so far to the left; it has fallen off the face of the planet. It has ceased to exist for what it stood for, when some older citizens were in the party.  A lot of them no longer follow the politics of the Democratic Party. A lot of them have joined the Republican Party or registered as a independent. My great grandmother would turn over in her grave if she could see the Democrat Party of today.

I do intend to vote for Donald Trump for president and I encourage all Republicans, Independents, dissatisfied Democrats, the unemployed or under-employed to vote for him; He is the one that will drain the swamp (I call it a cesspool) so we can breathe new life into this country and what it stands for.

With Hillary Clinton in office, all you will get is a political insider who will carry on with an extension of the Obama administration and its policies. With her in office we will have more corruption, more lies, open borders, un-vetted Muslims from countries that gave millions to her campaign.  I have had enough with a eight year Democratic Presidency that was based on pure lies. No matter what your party is lets help Trump get the cesspool out of Washington and return a honest government to our nation.



Author: Bill Patchett

There is nothing better than studying the Bible, the history it contains, the stories of love and compassion, and the prophecies that are fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled. All my life I have found great comfort in reading the passages contained there. If people would only read and study the Bible for a half hour a day they would see the beauty of this Book. They would see that the answer to all life's problems are found between those sacred pages. And they would also see why The Bible is and always will be the Greatest Book in the world. It contains the very word of God. As an American I believe the Christian principles and values found in God's Word are a big part of what makes our Country great. Bill Patchett

One thought on “DEMOCRATS — The You Name it Party”

  1. It is time to ask Clinton supporters these two questions point blank. (First, why do they hate their own country so much that they want to put it in the hands of the most corrupt politician in history? (Secondly), why is it so easy for them to believe every bad thing said about Trump, but they won’t believe any bad thing about Clinton. The Democratic Party is rich with corruption at all levels. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for giving us 8 years of Obama. Now they want to saddle this country with four more years of corruption. God bless Donald Trump as he continues to try to stomp out the Clinton Cartel. Go Trump!

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