The Wrong Labels on The Right Party

For far to many years, the Democratic Party has tried to label the Republican Party as anti-civil rights, anti-women’s rights, anti-environment and so many other negative ideas that Republicans sometimes did not know who they were and then came President Trump. He is setting the record straight.

With the riots, demonstrations anti-President Trump comments and the totally politicized manners of the Democrats in Congress, it is interesting to look at the actions of this left wing liberal group of the modern Democratic Party. It is for sure not the Democrat Party of our fore fathers. It is more like the communist party which many American soldiers fought against and died for.

The present Democratic Party is not the same party that Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy and even Lyndon Johnson held together to win elections. The old Democratic Party was held together by the segregationists in the south, union workers in the north, groups of minorities and others in order to win. The combination created a party that was centrist in nature.

The present Democratic Party is as far to the left as it could be. The leadership of the party has moved very far to the left with the comments of Senators Schumer, Warren, Sanders, Durbin and the comedian from Minnesota, Mr. Franken. They sound more like communist from Russia than American congressman.

There are several characteristic and view points of the new Democratic Party that are utterly deplorable. We have seen the anti-president action, the foul words, the street demonstrations, the riots and the attacks on first responders, as well as the destruction of properties. This is not freedom of speech as defined in the Constitution. This is mob rule like in a third world country. There will be many comments that this is not the Democrats. However, there have been no denials by the Democratic Party or attacks on these demonstrations and some of these Democrats promote it.

Last week at a town hall meeting by Congressman Harrison (R) Maryland, the mob action was out in force. Nearly 900 people came not to listen to the congressman, ask questions, disagree with the congressman or speak out against his actions. They came with signs, red and green signs, and other paraphernalia. Even that is acceptable, but several people left because of the yelling, screaming, use of foul language attacking the congressman. Where has the civility gone in American politics? Where has it gone in America? Or is this the future of the Democrat Party?

President Trump was elected according to the laws of this land and is going to be our president for at least four more years and maybe eight. Those of us that disagreed with Obama did not take to the streets. The tea party did not attack the police or destroy private property.

The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate has been nothing but obstructionists. The Senate stalled the president’s members of his cabinet longer than anyone in history. Lower level under secretaries has been stalled. The reason given was they were successful and it took longer to vet them. Is there something wrong with being successful and making a great deal of money? I want leadership that knows what they are doing.
Now the Senate is in the midst of advice and consent for a Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch has not really been attacked on his record but on the fact that the Republicans would not vote on a Supreme Court justice in an election year. That idea came from Joe Biden when President Bush was going to appoint someone to the court in an election year…

Judge Gorsuch has the highest approval rating possible by the American Bar Association and has only been overturned by the Supreme Court once, out of over 2,700 decisions. The Democratic senators will not support him for purely political reasons. Judge Gorsuch will probably be confirmed, but he should receive unanimous approval from the senate as he did when he was appointed to the federal appeals court. Five of the senators are from states that the president carried by 20 points or more. Their constituents will be reminded of their vote.

It is time for the Republicans to stand together and show the strength they have in the country. Republicans should begin to fight back and let the far left, the Democratic Party, the media and others know what has been accomplished by this president in less than 100 days. We have a Constitution, a president elected under that Constitution, and it is time we got together as a country and solve our problems. It is time to stop the whining and get to work…


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