Kent Island High School Assault

I was so perplexed after reading the article on April 18, 2018 edition of The Star Democrat about the incident at the Stevensville High School entitled Assault at Kent Island High under investigation. In the article Dr. Andrea Kane said that the boys who did this will receive the “appropriate consequences” However in the paper she also stated that” the mission of the juvenile justice system in Maryland is: “guidance, treatment, and rehabilitation”. Where does the punishment come in? She dd not mention that. The school system did not even notify the police. Parents of some of the school kids did and that was two or three days later. One day the students are in the school bathroom doing this terrible thing and the next day they will be on the streets like good little citizens protesting second amendment rights while taking Tide-Pod breaks. If the sheriff’s department did not get involved most likely the whole incident would soon be forgotten. The bullying problem in our school system goes far beyond what is reported as we can see by this incident and how it was handled by the school system. No wonder home schooling is growing by leaps and bounds by concerned parents, when I say “concerned parents, I’m talking about parents who are really concerned about their kids, and their kid’s education. The students who really want to learn are being hampered. “School for a lot of kids is a social meeting place not a place of learning.” That is not my statement but a statement made by a substitute teacher at a public meeting where people were addressing the problem which happened in a high school in Cambridge, Maryland a few weeks ago. There was a small riot in the cafeteria and the police were called. These two schools are not 40 miles apart. These kinds of things did not happen years ago in our schools so what has happened? Let me answer that question with another question. Did these things happen when God was allowed in schools? When there was discipline allowed in the schools? No I do not think so. When God was forced out and the Federal Government took over we can see what happen. If you have kids or grandkids going to public schools you need to be in much prayer for them That God will protect them because the school systems will not


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