The Proud American. (A True Story)

I have met a lot of proud Americans during my lifetime but here is a person that will always stand out in my mind. My electric company was doing a small electric job for an elderly lady in the small town of Federalsburg, Maryland. For her age, she still had a sharp mind. As we did our work we noticed a national news service was on TV and she was watching. One of the news stories was about illegals climbing over the wall at the border and coming into the United States. She began to speak out and kept saying: “This is wrong”. We asked her if she was okay and her reply was yes, but if this keeps going on we will have no America. She then got up from her chair and walked over to where two frames were located on the wall in plain view and pointed to them and said: “THIS IS THE WAY I CAME TO AMERICA” Those two frames contained certificates of two people who came to this country, through Ellis Island. One frame was hers and the other was of her husband who passed away many years ago. She said they had to be investigated and tested to see if they had any kind of disease or criminal record. Over a course of time, they had to learn and use English as their language. There were other things they had to do but these are the ones that stood out in my mind. Her husband worked for a factory in Federalsburg for many years until his death. In 1946 they built a house in the town and became just one of the town people.

America has always been a melting pot for all people who want a better life or to escape persecution. That is how America was founded and should always remain. Every person should have a chance to have part of that American dream. Not one American should deny a person of this right. The thing is they must do it the right way. The way this elderly lady and her husband did. They were proud to be called Americans. The first thing that every person should know is America is governed by the rule of law and if you want to come to this country you do not come by breaking the law. What percentage of the people who come to this country illegally come for the jobs, How many of them come to escape persecutions, how many are terrorist from countries who hate America, how many are the ones who are drug smugglers, or how many are gang members in our cities? These are the questions that every American should ask. It makes no difference if you are white, black, Spanish, Jew, oriental, or from the Far East. If you are an American you must keep America safe. When America has people coming here and will not blend in, people who want their own communities and their own laws, fly their flag from where they came from and openly burn ours. To me, that is a clear warning sign that our nation is in trouble.

The really sad part about this is there are many good people who want to come to this country legally, but because of illegals, these people may never get the chance. Most of these people would give you the shirt off their back or would do anything for you. Like me, most Americans have no problem with immigration as long as it is legal. Many people around me are legal immigrants and they are blending in well. I will do anything to help them and I am sure they would help me. I am submitting this article to our local newspaper but it is doubtful it will be published because they most likely will consider it politically incorrect.


One thought on “The Proud American. (A True Story)

  1. if your local paper won’t publish this, there is something fundamentally wrong with them as there is nothing bizarre / outlandish / untrue–it is merely a reflection of yours in a sensible way, of one of the many problems facing our country!

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