To fix problems in schools, start at home

As I read the local newspapers about all the proposed ideas and promises for correcting the behaviour problem in the school system not one of them, in my opinion, made any sense. The school system can make new rules, institute new programs, add more police to patrol the halls and do whatever they think is best like they always do, but they always miss the mark when it comes to making students behave in school. I am not saying they don’t do their best but most people if they would speak out on the subject, would tell you the correction and the discipline must start in the home. The school system can make all the new programs they want but it will do little or nothing to change the behaviour of some students.

This is because the very root of the problem is in the home and how children are raised. I do not have any college degrees behind my name so what I say will not matter that much, but I speak the truth. When kids are not made to mind in the home how are they going to be made to mind in the school? At one time the unruly student received his just reward from the principal and when that student got home they received it again. This does not happen anymore because the parent (I say parent because in most cases the home only has one parent.) never knows where their kids are or what they are doing. The parents will defend their kids most of the time leaving the teacher as the bad guy. This ought not to be. If children are not corrected and disciplined in the home how can they be corrected in the schools?

Some people in the federal government have said for years that it takes a village to raise your kids. So the village has raised our kids for years now and look at what we have. We have unruly kids using the schools for a social club or a hangout. I had the privilege of being in a Dorchester County school some time ago and I was so shocked at how some of the students were acting, the language they used, and their conduct. What you see out of the students in school is for the most part what you will see in their homes. Schools are not a social club for kids to meet every day. It is a place of learning, education, and to get them ready for a world that gets tougher every day.

I will always believe it is the family unit that will make or break this country and the same with the school system. Students must have a good foundation and fertile soil for them to be grounded in to excel or even want to learn in school. This means spiritual guidance, parent discipline, family functions, and even time together as a family whenever possible, getting involved with your child’s homework and school functions.  To correct the problems in our schools we must start in the home.


I Cannot Understand

I cannot comprehend or understand — why some of our elected officials in Washington, D.C. (on both sides of the aisle) cannot foresee the many serious problems those caravans nearing our southern border will cause. They do not get it, or do they? Especially, for those (legal) citizens residing in these areas. We are talking about tax paying citizens living close to the border. Have you ever seen the pictures of the illegals aftermath when they leave an area. It looks like a garbage dump. Just go to the internet and check it out. Also check out all the murders, robberies, assault, and the such committed by the illegals which you will never see on the mainstream news media. It will blow your mind.

What a difficult, and possibly dangerous confrontation could take place when the illegal immigrants come Face-to-Face with military troops, and law enforcement officers. What will happen. Many may suffer some degree of injuries, and possibly some fatalities. No side will have victory, and it will only be another DARK DAY in our American history. All this for some illegal votes that will put the Democrats over the top in the upcoming election. That is a sad fact, but the truth. It is the vote not the security of this country that the Democrats are after. What the Democrats want is not in the best interest of this country. In fact they are no longer Democrats, they are socialist, progressives,(new name for communist) who want to destroy the very fiber of our society. It is such a sad day for all of America.

Some learned mathematicians (A lot smarter than I am) have calculated — if you divide the number of persons (young and older) living in our country into the $5.7 billion requested to construct a 165 mile WALL, it comes to about $16 per person. Such a small amount to insure a safe border with no drugs, no illegal criminals, no terrorist, no diseases, and people who do not want to work but feed themselves on our dime. Once the wall is built the honest immigrants will be able to come and be cleared so they can come to this country the right and legal way.

Mister and Miss Elected Officials, isn’t this one time investment of $16 to protect each (and future) constituents’ families, their homes and properties, plus our way of life worth the cost? Or is it more important to you to have the illegal votes or the cheap labor. There is a right way and a wrong way of immigrating to this country. The Democrats are looking at the wrong way.