The New ‘Untouchables’? 

Back in 1927, Eliot Ness, an officer with the U.S. Treasury Department, went to Chicago to fight crime. He winnowed his team of agents down to eleven, whom he had investigated and deemed incorruptible, earning them the name “The Untouchables.” They were men of integrity. Getting past the movies about these men we can read in many articles about how true they were to their position and to the United States of America. They had no interest but to clean up a City of corrupt officials.

Watching the news for the last year we can see and hear recent discoveries and revelations of the leadership at the FBI and DOJ, we now have a new breed of “The Untouchables,” not because of their integrity, but because of their stalling, lying and deceiving of the American people, obsfucation and outright unbelievable testimony. Here are a few examples of how the American people are deceived and lied to by the new breed of untouchables.

  • “I did not think that bias was expressed in those text messages” — Peter Strzok
  • “No sir, not wittingly” — James Clapper when asked “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions of … Americans?”
  • Andrew McCabe, fired for lack of candour at least four times. Candour defined as Unreserved, honest, sincere expression, forthrightness.
  • When asked by Sen. Diane Feinstein if the CIA “violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution,” John Brennan said, “As far as allegations and the charges of, you know, CIA hacking into, you know, Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth …” This was proven to be a Lie.

The above-cited leaders present as models of virtue and truth fall way short of being truthful. They become angry if questioned about their credibility or their veracity. They are The New Untouchables, above bias, above the people, above questioning, above oversight or overlooking certain questions of breaking the law. In their minds, because of their positions, they think they are above the law. they are indeed above the laws that every other citizen is subject to in this country. These are the “NEW UNTOUCHABLES”, a far cry from the real thing, the real untouchables. These men are more like the Gestapo and KGB. Both agencies answered to no one but the leaders of the country and they did and said what they wanted to without any repercussions. Do that begin to sound familiar?

We should all long for the real Untouchables as in the 1920’s, not this deceitful, arrogant, unrepentant new breed that is deceiving the American people. But how can that happen as we turn our attention to the government itself? The truth has to flow from the top and that has not been happening.



More Logic From A Die Hard Democrat

Mike Brown’s commentary in Friday’s addition to the Star Democrat needs a response. By reading his articles over the past months a person can see he is a diehard Democrat and it makes no difference what is done in this country for the good if a Democrat did not do it or propose it then Mr. Brown, being a good Democrat, will be against it. This even includes articles about Republican campaign signs which he also wrote an article about in one of his past articles. So we have gone from campaign signs to treason in about a week. As an independent voter, I am not for or against any political party but some articles can go a little too far. All politicians make mistakes and they also say some things they wish they never said, but that does not make them a criminal. Shall we put Hillary Clinton and other Democrats on the list as criminals to be investigated for things they have done wrong or lied about?  Or should they get a pass because after all, their last name is not Trump?

Mr. Brown suggests that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our country. Mr. Brown also suggests correcting this problem about President Trump that we vote for Democrats in November so Democrats can take back Congress and launch real investigations into President Trump’s crimes and misdeeds. Sad to say he has named the Democrats agenda for the upcoming election. That is how bad the Democrats and some Republicans hate President Trump. They would rather run on a platform of “HATE TRUMP” than the problems facing our country.

And who are the Democrats that we should vote for? Should we vote for Hillary Clinton (A proven liar and is a criminal), Nancy Pelosi (who said we must sign it to know what is in it), Maxine Waters (What can you say just a plain nut), or maybe we can find another president like Barry Soetoro, aka Barrack Obama (Who is a proven liar and a deceiver) to be our leaders to investigate Donald Trump? Yes, let us take Mr. Brown’s idea because we need leaders like them to finish what they started years ago.

As an independent, I will vote for Trump if he runs again because he is truly making this country of ours great again with jobs, Security, and a sense of pride for our country. I am glad that Donald Trump is not a member of the Swamp in Washington where the Democrats, Republicans, lobbyist, progressives, socialist, and the behind the scenes elites are because I then would have some problem with him. We need to use common sense when we use the word criminal because we would have to add many politicians to that. The list is long and the swamp is full so we will not go there in this short space.

I am a diehard American who believes in this great country of ours. I also believe Donald Trump is the man to move this country forward just as Kennedy did back in the Sixties. After all the crying and hate speeches and at the end of his second term Americans will see how great of a job he has done and that is the way history will record it.