When is it Un-American

Our country was founded on principles that all men are created equal. Our founding fathers were visionaries and sought to assure all citizens the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, today we have groups that will deny others the right to life, deny others their liberty, and only think they themselves should be able to pursue happiness. Friends, so much of what I see in our country today crushes these values America was built upon.

When a senator can shed tears on the senate floor because there is a policy to vet refugees from terror sponsored countries but remains dry eyed when millions of innocent babies are murdered in the womb—that is un-American.

When our homeless go hungry while illegal aliens can come into this country and receive food stamps, welfare and shelter—that is Un-American
When our elderly must choose between eating or buying their medications while abortions and transgender surgeries are paid for with tax payer money—that is Un-American.
When our troops go without proper equipment while celebrities and athletes protest our country and national anthem—that is un-American.
When our veterans go without benefits that were promised but billions of dollars are given to countries that hate us—that is Un-American.
When Christian companies are forced to compromise their faith and values by serving same sex weddings while other businesses can say, “if you support traditional marriage, don’t shop here.”—that is Un-American.
When radical groups like BLM and anti fa can riot, burn cities and kill or injure people but citizens are prosecuted and persecuted for speaking out against them—that is Un-American.
When a black criminal disobeys law enforcement and is shot by police and there is a public outcry while police officers are shot everyday for doing their jobs and media is silent—that is Un-American.
When the media takes it upon itself to slant the news and tell us what to think instead of reporting the news and trusting us to decide for ourselves what to think—that is Un-American.
When liberal head explodes at the use of a word in describing a third world country while cities in this country resemble these third world countries and nothing is being done to improve the lives of citizens in these cities— that is Un-American.
When a political party would rather protect 8,000 illegal aliens than protect the citizens of this country and even go as far to threaten a government shut-down and deprive the elderly and military of their money— that is Un-American.
It appears that some of our leaders are more concerned about themselves and the special interest groups that has bought them  than the citizens that elected them and that is not only Un-American but unacceptable to the the citizens of this country that are counting on the leadership.
Friends, I have been told that, as a Christian, I should not be political. I am not a political person but what I see goes beyond politics. It is now about our survival as a country and the fabric of our way of life. I once read “All it takes for evil to spread is for good men to do nothing.” I am only trying to do my small part to stop the spread of evil.
As always you are free to disagree but I am free to express my opinion. May God bless you all. . Just saying

Credit to @Doretta Mills For the post