AMERICA: Yes We Can!

America is facing  massive recession that could very easy turn into another Great Depression. The democrats under Obama’s leadership want to solve the problem by more and more spending on useless government programs that really go nowhere and are paid for by raising taxes on the taxpayer and small businesses. Stimulus programs and higher taxes that will not work.

The democrats are wanting to do just the opposite that Reagan did in the 1980’s for a similar recession.  Reagan cut taxes and simplified the tax code. There was less government spending, less red tape, and because  this we had the greatest economic expansion in decades. Twenty million new jobs were created. How would twenty million new jobs do this country right now? It is the type of outcome, during the Regan administration that this country and the American people need so bad right now! Wake up congress before it is too late!

We need to eliminate, and get rid of, the uncertainty that hangs over our country today. Employers will not hire, businesses will not expand or risk new ideas, people will not commit to a capital project when they do not know if they will be able to pay for it down the road with all the great change that Obama has promised.  There is so much bad news, it is no wonder this country is going nowhere.  The American people,  can make this country boom again. What must happen is: the voters need to get rid of the Obama and his doctrine of hating America and what she stands for, get rid of relying on the government for our needs, stop the government from taking money from the Americans that will work and giving to the ones who will not work, (If you do not work you do not eat). We need to get rid of the democrat and liberal ideology and help to put in to place a program that will work like that of Ronald Regan during the 1980’s. Proven ideas that we know will work.

We hear from Obama just about every day about shovel ready projects that  need to get started. If they are like the government projects that are in progress now we just do not need them. I talking about the ones that are shovel ready with one shoveling and three leaning on the shovels. This country needs a change, but not a Obama change! Another four years of this man and we will never recover! I have more and more people telling me that is what Obama wants. Let us, as Americans band together and defeat this man and his agenda of bringing America to her knees.  YES WE CAN! If we band together.

It seems like we have in Obama, a leader, that wants this country to fail. Every idea the man puts on the table is one of failure from the start. The Obama Care health package itself will bring America to her knees. We need less corporate taxes not more, Capital gain taxes should be reduced so more investors would invest in American jobs. Another four years of Obama and his failed policies will destroy this country.  The only shovel ready project that this country needs is to dig out of the hole Obama has put the American people in.