The Stand Against Illegal Immigrants

I have read several letters to the editor recently that have bashed President Trump and the conservatives for their stand against illegal immigrants. There should be no problem with anyone rebutting articles in the local paper or a blog.  The problem is in some cases not one of the rebuttals are based on anything the letter to the editor was about, for example, the immigration problem.
The main problem is the rule of law. People who come to this country illegally are breaking the law. It makes no difference what country they are from. There is no way around that issue and there are no free passes. The law is being broken. If people will break the law to come to this country what will stop them from breaking any other law? There must be a limit to what a person can do when they come to this country. Coming here illegally is not one of them.
Most Americans, conservatives or liberals, have no problem with anyone coming to this country legally. They deserve their chance at the American way and to become Americans.  Most immigrants who come here legally are good workers and very seldom break the law. We all agree with that. There are people all over this world who have come to America and became a part of the American dream. Where the line is drawn is when it is illegal.
One thing I cannot understand is people will come to this country because they say their country is bad in all respects no matter what the problem is, but yet when they get here some will wave the flag of their country while burning the American flag and complaining about America.  No matter if you are an immigrant or a citizen who was born and raised here you must obey the rule of law.



Freedom is Only One Generation From Extinction

If you don’t like the way things are in this country, like for example a constitutional law that should be no problem, just enact new statutory laws to supersede the things you do not like. The Democrats do it all the time. It is called moves and counter moves. For example, A few weeks back, the state of Connecticut’s legislature passed the “National Popular Vote compact.”, and the Democratic Governor Is expected to sign it into law. At least twelve states have passed the same kind of laws or similar measures to undermine and weaken the law as it relates to the way the electoral votes are awarded. The measure simply states that the majority winner of the popular presidential vote will be granted all of that state’s electoral votes, regardless of how the individual voting districts vote.

Many blue states are also considering lowering the legal voting age to 16, and a few more extreme states are pushing for illegal aliens and undocumented people to be granted the right to vote. This may seem unreal but it’s a fact. Keep in mind that a good portion of our young people came out in record numbers in support of Bernie Sanders, regardless of the numerous failed socialist societies throughout Europe and South America that he was pushing.. These young voters want social equality through socialist policy. The sad truth is, if Sanders would have won, he would have not been able to deliver on any of his campaign promises, as our legislators just aren’t quite there yet. But in another 10 years, who knows, If things do not change in this country.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” You should have to be a taxpaying productive member of society for a few years in order to be granted the right to vote. The sad thing is right now the Democrat party is pushing for as many young people as they can to register and vote, most young people in this county are being brainwashed and train by the school systems to vote democratic. This could be the very election year Americans lose their freedom.

One thing that scares the Democratic Party also is the growing number of conservative black voters that are leaving the Democrat party. It has taken more than half a century for many black voters to see through all the broken promises and failed economic policies of the Democrat Party. They were originally conceived to provide social justice out of social inequality. However, after 60 years the experiment is a failure. The Great Society of Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat party does not work and is a complete failure.

The only real solution is jobs and job training opportunities, not free lunches, not free housing, or free cell phones to mention just a few. Why else would you want to give a 16-year-old and illegals the right to vote? The fact is the left’s electorate or their body of voters is shrinking and they are desperate and will do almost anything to make their base bigger. Statutory laws passed by legislatures in many cases don’t pass higher review as they relate to constitutional law, but it takes a long, long time for these cases to be challenged and make their way to the Supreme Court. A lot of hurts could be put on this country before these things could be stopped. Once again freedom is only one generation from extinction,