More Logic From A Die Hard Democrat

Mike Brown’s commentary in Friday’s addition to the Star Democrat needs a response. By reading his articles over the past months a person can see he is a diehard Democrat and it makes no difference what is done in this country for the good if a Democrat did not do it or propose it then Mr. Brown, being a good Democrat, will be against it. This even includes articles about Republican campaign signs which he also wrote an article about in one of his past articles. So we have gone from campaign signs to treason in about a week. As an independent voter, I am not for or against any political party but some articles can go a little too far. All politicians make mistakes and they also say some things they wish they never said, but that does not make them a criminal. Shall we put Hillary Clinton and other Democrats on the list as criminals to be investigated for things they have done wrong or lied about?  Or should they get a pass because after all, their last name is not Trump?

Mr. Brown suggests that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our country. Mr. Brown also suggests correcting this problem about President Trump that we vote for Democrats in November so Democrats can take back Congress and launch real investigations into President Trump’s crimes and misdeeds. Sad to say he has named the Democrats agenda for the upcoming election. That is how bad the Democrats and some Republicans hate President Trump. They would rather run on a platform of “HATE TRUMP” than the problems facing our country.

And who are the Democrats that we should vote for? Should we vote for Hillary Clinton (A proven liar and is a criminal), Nancy Pelosi (who said we must sign it to know what is in it), Maxine Waters (What can you say just a plain nut), or maybe we can find another president like Barry Soetoro, aka Barrack Obama (Who is a proven liar and a deceiver) to be our leaders to investigate Donald Trump? Yes, let us take Mr. Brown’s idea because we need leaders like them to finish what they started years ago.

As an independent, I will vote for Trump if he runs again because he is truly making this country of ours great again with jobs, Security, and a sense of pride for our country. I am glad that Donald Trump is not a member of the Swamp in Washington where the Democrats, Republicans, lobbyist, progressives, socialist, and the behind the scenes elites are because I then would have some problem with him. We need to use common sense when we use the word criminal because we would have to add many politicians to that. The list is long and the swamp is full so we will not go there in this short space.

I am a diehard American who believes in this great country of ours. I also believe Donald Trump is the man to move this country forward just as Kennedy did back in the Sixties. After all the crying and hate speeches and at the end of his second term Americans will see how great of a job he has done and that is the way history will record it.


The Annapolis Tragedy

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I read part of this article in THE STAR DEMOCRAT newspaper, in the letters to the editor section, and because it was such a good article I just wanted to add my thoughts to what was a  very good piece of writing by Craig Willis.

Thank heavens we live in Maryland, a state with some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. I for one feel much safer. Maryland is one of only six states to receive an A+ rating from the Gifford’s Law Center for its tough gun control laws. Yet these laws couldn’t prevent the recent tragedy in Annapolis where several newspaper reporters were killed by a shotgun toted by a man holding a grudge, our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

In the days just after the mass shooting at the newspaper in Annapolis, the media is almost silent, many of the papers not issuing follow-up stories as the facts of this case don’t support the left’s false narrative. As most Americans know most newspapers have sided with the left and their fake news. If you are a conservative you must search for the truth. In the STAR DEMOCRAT, the follow-up articles on shootings have been so unbelievable. Most of them talk about how newspaper reporters are right there with our police, firefighters, and soldiers in harm’s way. At one time that might have been so but now most of the papers are” fake news outlets” not giving you all the facts.

For example, any state like Maryland, with all these tough gun laws, is ineffective in stopping any of this senseless violence, but you hear nothing of this in the news. Baltimore was recently announced to be the most dangerous city in the country, having 135 gun-related deaths to date. Also, the Annapolis tragedy was enacted by a person who had a longstanding feud with the newspaper. Original reports by numerous left of center media outlets blamed President Trump due to his attacks on fake news! Now we find out that the gunman was entangled in a long-term legal feud with the paper and didn’t prevail in his lawsuit against them. But the left and the fake news outlets want to blame President Trump.

“Back in the day,” Cronkite, Reasoner, and Brinkley would have backed up their story with facts before airing any report, because, “that’s the way it was,” period.

Finally, this shooter used a shotgun, also not fitting the narrative that banning assault rifles is the Holy Grail of cures. Sad to say many a person feeds into this deceiving cure for all the gun problems thanks to the help of fake news.

Many Republican voters in the state of Maryland are now waiting to see which way Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland goes related to siding with the left and creating and supporting even more stringent gun laws. These laws clearly only take constitutional rights away from law-abiding citizens. In November, regardless of your party affiliation, vote for the rule of law and preserving the Constitution