The Real Reason

Americans need to remember that  when you take away all the good things from kids that teach morals and good values in school  it leaves a vacuum in the hearts of young children which causes them being molded into little liberal robots (that believe in nothing good)…no respect or love for your country, no respect or love for your family, no respect or love for your flag and what represents, no respect or love for God or the values projected by this “idea”, no teaching respect, responsibility, accountability or love, no fostering of creativity or positive role models and so on and so forth.

The biggest thing is the absence of God in the hearts of not only our children but their parents as well. This is the cause of the evil and devastation we are seeing across our country. How can a person rely on the choice between good and bad on just a “law” written on a piece of paper when some the very same natural law (God’s law) is absent in the heart and our government does everything possible to keep it out of schools to be politically correct.

There is no more prayer or Bible reading allowed in school but we allow satanic clubs in school, we prohibit any and all references to God and good values or moral teachings and we promote and encourage all sorts of narratives, everything from homosexuals, lesbianism, to same sex marriages to Satanism and then we wonder what is happening in our schools and in this country.

What kind of reference point can we give a child today in America? They are allowed to have all the false ideas that are promoted by violent video games, the ungodly actors and movies that Hollywood promote, showing the president with his head cut off, actors and politicians calling for the presidents assassination (same thing as murder), it’s good to mock and violently (both verbally and physically) attack people who think differently, and then people wonder what is happening to our kids. We are living in a Godless country. The only thing stopping this country from turning into true chaos is a few praying Christians.

It will take more than police patrolling the halls of our schools. It will take more than passing more gun laws or taking guns away altogether, it will take more than new mental health laws to stop all this. When we as a people realize there is a higher law that our country was founded 0n only then and only then will our country become what it should be.