NOBAMA: Time For Real Leadership In Washington



I will always be amazed by my Democrat friends and the liberal news media by what they write in their articles. Obama is the man and he does nothing wrong. They always use all the same points, over and over again, they always try to put on Republicans. I’m a independent voter and I do not always agree with all that the Republicans say, but they never come up with some of the stuff the Democrats do.  The Democrats accuse the Republicans of illegal contraception, ( someone please tell me what that is), just because a majority of the Republicans are against abortion they have the  illegal contraception button put on them. The Republicans are accused, by the Democrats of being against a woman’s rights.When the Republicans reject Obamacare because of the cost and how the law was written they are called the party that does not care, when even the Democrats do not know what is contained in the bill. When they will not rubber stamp Obama’s redistribution proposal (taking from people who will work and giving it to mostly people who will not work in a pie shop tasting pies) they are called a not caring party. They are accused of not caring about the elderly. All of these are Democrat lies, but that is all the talking points that they have.

We must prevent election fraud from taking place and we cannot have a better example of fraud than the Democrats. The walking dead vote (and more than once). The Democrats are against voter registration that would stop illegal aligns plus the walking dead, dogs, cats, and etc from voting. This year is the worst year for voter fraud and dirty politics. Why can’t the American people just hear the truth and go from there?

After nearly four years of Obama we still have an economy that continues to slide backwards. The jobs numbers for last month were miserable, the same they have been for the last three and a half years. Over 300,000 people withdrew from the work force or our unemployment rate would have gone up. Fifteen percent of our population is in poverty, 47 million are on food stamps, our debt has reached $16 trillion, and the Federal Reserve keeps making more money, just like it was play money, which will lead to greater inflation and a much more weaker dollar. We have never had a budget that the president has signed because Harry Reid has not produced one. This alone should cause alarm for every American, Democrat and Republican. Wake up Americans and smell the coffee!

The Democratic Party is void of ideas and leadership, and it has badly damaged our standing at home and abroad. The failure of the Egyptian government to protect our consulate and the embassy issuing an apology was just devastating. Mitt Romney issued a statement indicating that apologies should not be coming from us and was attacked by the main stream media. The tragic death of our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, proved that the foreign policy advocated  and put into place by Obama is not working. The plan, as laid out by Obama’s trip to the Middle East in 2009, of working with the Muslim states, bowing to Muslim leaders, and turning his back on Israel has failed, and we do not have better relationships as he promised. The Middle East is on fire! After Obama’s helping hand helping rebels overthrow the Egyptian Government Egypt has elected a president that has met with Iran and fostered and promoted the issues that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has shown no love for the United States, has been advocating. so much for Obama’s foreign policies. We cannot bow to the interests of the Muslim world that basically hates who we are and that for which America stands for. The president has tried it for four years , and it has not worked and dangerously hurt the relationship with our closest ally, Israel. (I believe he wants what is happening in the Middle East) The real tragedy of the day, to me, was that your president, with chaos in the Middle East decided he did not need an intelligence briefing ( He has missed over one half of them) and flew off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. His foreign affairs policy is in disarray, Iran has not been stopped (The bomb is on the way), North Korea is ready to spread its wings and cause bigger problems, Syria keeps killing its own people (It is now over 25,000), Russia has stopped us from intervening in Syria and Obama is in the process of reducing our Military.

Here is the deciding factors that should make every American pull the lever on election day and say “NOBAMA”  or Democrat party. Obama calls the Bible outdated and not for today while quoting verses from the Muslim Koran, Wants parts of the Constitution replaced, Wants his own private army that would be bigger than the regular army. (sounds like Hitler all over again). God was left out of the Democrat Convention and when pressured to put our Lord back in More than half of the convention still rejected it. Just these issues along (and there are plenty more) should make every American say no to the Democrats and Obama.

Forget about voting with your party, voting because of race, forget about voting for the one who will give you all the hand outs. Vote for what is right in god’s eyes and for what the true values of this country are and what the founding fathers intended them to be. We need true, honest, God fearing, and strong  leadership in Washington and it is time for a change. Not the Obama change, but true change!


The No Brainer

The time has now come, a time for a decision between the bold and brave, new leadership, of Romney and Ryan or four more years of Barack Hussein Obama. There was a strong, bold, let’s go-ahead, decision made by Romney when he choose Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Pure and up front proof that if we elect Romney and Ryan there is no plan to kick the old can down the road to our children and grandchildren. Gov. Romney has decided that we cannot wait any longer to discuss the debt, unemployment, spending cuts and entitlements program. He realizes, as we do, that something has to be done now, not later. The president has not been willing to discuss entitlements in the four years he has been president and even avoided discussing the issue during his campaign for the presidency.

The Democratic Senate, which by law must pass a budget each year, has not passed a budget in over three years. The Democrats are just elated and ecstatic by the Romney decision, on his running mate, because they will demagogue and debate on the issues of Social Security and Medicare.  By doing this all the other issues are bypassed and hid form the American people.  It has to be made something clear to all who are on Social Security and Medicare that their benefits will not change under the Ryan budget. If you are 55 or older, those benefits will be there and will not change. That is a very simple and pure fact and that will not change if Romney and Ryan are elected this fall. Under Obama care, the Congressional Budget Office plans on Obama’s program taking $700 billion out of Medicare.

Many of the people on Medicare now would see changes that they would not like; they would be paying more for doctor visits and all other medical services while the government will be paying less.  In other words the government will pay less and the people on Medicare will pay more. The attacks taking place, now, will twist and warp any plan and create fear among the elderly. It is called divide and conquer. Something Obama is good at. That is what Obama wants. His plan was always to divide and. I’m on Social Security and Medicare. I know that the programs are heading towards collapse and failure because in Medicare’s program we are under-funded by $38 trillion. That is more than twice the National Debt. I have a greater fear for all senior citizens if nothing is done.

All anyone has to do is to look at where our country is at. Soon we will hit a debt of $16 trillion. The unemployment rate is over 8.3 percent (this is not counting the people who have stopped looking for a job), and if you add in the underemployed, it is 15 percent. In the African-American community, it is closer to the 25 % mark. There is a disaster in the job market. Our country is on the brink of disaster. All Obama wants to do is make it worse. Obama just gave a waiver to the states so that the Welfare to Work program developed by Bill Clinton will allow the states to give waivers to allow people to be paid while not working. What is going on here?

That fact is we need strong new leadership to get this country out of the big mess that it is in and I believe Romney along with Ryan can do that.  I wanted Newt to be the Republican candidate to run against Obama and his failing policies this fall but he is not. So a person has to stop and think: if we do nothing Obama will win and our country will lose. As an American do you want that? Newt does not and he is supporting Romney.

One last point I want to make in this article. By the things that Obama has done while he has been in office shows (and it should show you) that this man has an agenda to dismantle our country. He is doing a pretty good job of it and if he gets another four years the values that made this country great will be gone. It is a no brainer who we need to win the upcoming election.