Why Trump Is The Man

To think that someone like Hillary Clinton would call trump supporters Deplorable and use such names as she did to define her meaning of deplorable is to me very degrading and shows her true feelings about the American people as a whole.

The Trump people, such as myself, has a very simple and plain explanation that is easy to understand: Trump’s fearless speech-making against the socialist-progressive agenda  (in more simpler  words that we can all understand “Communist Agenda”)  of Obama and his administration has  captivated  and rallied the minds and thoughts of the American people. The Trump movement and its impact on American politics is a reaction to the communist policies that were advanced by the Obama establishment for the past 8 years. And for that we are called deplorable.

One of the consequences of Obama’s communist policies has materialized in the extraordinary divide between elites, or the ruling class, and we, the American people. The ruling class: politicians, big businesses, liberal media, the Political Correctness police, all have entertained the idea that people are ruled by elites, who make the rules as they go along, and those rules serve only those in power. This also goes for the elite Republicans who are saying never Trump. They have the mindset of the democrats.

The American middle class, once envied, has now, under King Obama, h become the underclass. The nation founded on the Constitution and the rule of law has become a nation without borders, of crony capitalism and political corruption. We have liberal news papers calling this nation a democracy and it is not. The United States is a Republic and we are governed by the rule of law. Our personal freedoms are vanishing every day at the hands of a federal government that is exceeding the law and going to far.. The notions of self-reliance and individualism have been replaced by an economically unsustainable welfare state.

The working American is demonized by the media and the ruling class or liberals. They think of us like Hillary as does. In their eyes we are racists, bigots, homophobes, sexist, Islamophobes, intolerant and ignorant, just because of just because we disagree with the radical-leftist policies of the Obama regime and with Hillary Clinton if she is elected.

We (the American people) have finally found a voice in Donald Trump. Why do I say this? It is because Trump’s appeal to the American public has defied the odds; he defeated the Republican Party Elite, and won the nomination of the Republican Party. Trump talks to the American people, to the silent majority, to those forgotten by their own government.

Trump rebukes the idea of a new globalist political order, where people are ruled by elites. He promotes a return to the principles that has made our country great and has stood the test of time: that we the people are sovereign and equal under the law.

Not voting for Trump is a vote for socialism and globalism. Not voting for Trump is a vote against law and order; against immigration enforcement and border security. Not voting for Trump is a vote against free-market capitalism, and pro-growth economic policies. Not voting for Trump is a vote against America’s greatness and a vote for the ungodly way that will come to our country if Hillary is elected. Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary, and a vote for Hillary is nothing short of an end of America as we know it.



Wake up Conservatives

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” Plato…


I’m writing this article mainly for the conservatives who are Trump haters. I have never seen a presidential election such as the one we have now. Sometimes I wonder about my fellow conservatives. There is so much fighting going on  and it is not against the liberals and Hillary Clinton. It among the conservatives themselves. How can we defeat Hillary Clinton and her ungodly liberal ideas if we are fighting among ourselves? This has to stop. We need a unified conservative effort to win in November and that means voting for Donald Trump. If you have forgot he is the party nominee .

So many people including the higher ups in the Republican Party are being deceived by their own wants and ambitions. Listen people, Donald Trump may have not been your choice but he is the man who is Hillary Clintons challenger. So stop fighting him, start fighting Hillary Clinton and help him fight and win the election.  If you are a conservative who is fighting against Trump and are not going to vote for him them you are voting for Hillary even if you do not pull the leaver for her. You had better give serious thought about two things as you step into that voting box in November.

The first thing is what kind of women is Hillary? Well, that is a very simple question to answer. She, like her husband Bill Clinton, is a liar and will do anything to get where she wants to go. History has proven that. From Watergate, to Benghazi, and the decades in between she has lied to cover up what she did and then lied to cover up the lie. The sad thing is she is still doing it. Is this who you want in office as our next president? Not me!

The second thing is; did you ever stop to think what she will do to our country  if she is elected president in November? The first thing thing is it would be another four or maybe even eight more years of a Obama administration that has just about destroyed our country. America can not stand another four or eight years of the same polices. Policies such as open borders. allowing not only illegals from our southern borders to cross over but also  refugees from the middle east to come here not knowing who they are. She wants to take away our second amendment rights and leave us with no way of defending ourselves, to add a 1.3 trillion dollar tax increase on the middle class. Where is that increase going? The list could go on and on, but I think I have made the point of who and what she is.

Trump might not be a insider, or part of the political crowd, and he does not take money from packs. He will not answer to nobody but the American people. Sure he has some things that he needs to get better on, but none of them come close to what Hillary Clinton is and what she will do to this country. So if you are a “NOT TRUMP” conservative you have a choice this November. You can stay home and not vote. That would be a vote for Hillary and a third term of Obama (or worse) or you can go to your voting place and vote for “DONALD TRUMP” and working with him we can at least try to make America great again.