OBAMA- The Enemy From Within

Obama has the power to close the border and as president it is his job to do it, but I’m like most Americans, we know that he never will and In fact, he refuses to close the border. Any president this country ever had would have done that. At least to some degree. But he does nothing There is nothing in Obama’s $3.7 billion request that secures our border and stops the illegals from crossing. “The American people must understand that this flood of illegals coming across our border is a crisis and Obama is the cause. This President’s lawless action, such as DACA have caused this severe problem. By his actions he has clearly demonstrated to the American people that he is not bound or compelled by the Constitution or our great nation and will not take seriously his obligation, as president, to defend the United States borders. Why is that? It is part of his transformation process that will destroy this country.

“This crisis is destroying our communities and putting the burden on American taxpayers.  Right now there is an enticement for illegals to continue to pour across our border. It is called free stuff such as food, medical care, free housing, social security benefits all payed for by the tax payers and delivered to them by Mr. Obama. The only way to discourage and stop them is to seal our borders and send them back to where they come from. The best way to do this is for the Governors call up their National Guard units to secure the border. We must put a stop to this problem. By doing this it also commits the United States House of Representatives to fund the states for the cost of securing the border and protect Americans from the onslaught of illegals. By doing this It would also recognize and defend the constitutional authority of any governor’s right to deploy the National Guard to secure the border and protects people.

“In order to resolve the crisis on our southern border, we need to strictly enforce our immigration laws – something the Obama administration has failed to do. Ask yourself this question; “Why would a president of this country, not protect our borders?”There is a reason and an answer for that. The destruction of America as we know it. Securing our borders and deporting individuals who have arrived illegally sends a clear message that such behavior will not be rewarded with citizenship,.

The border problem is just one of the many problems facing this country. But the biggest problem we are facing this country is another year and a half of Obama. Will we have a country left after his term in office is up. I have said this in another post and I, personally, believe it to be true; Obama is not for the black race, the white race, or any other race. He is not for America. He is for the destruction of America.



A normal government, in my opinion, is one with the best interests of its own citizens at heart. People who live here, work here, and pay taxes here. This is not what we are getting from Obama! A normal government would have taken immediate steps to put a stop to all the illegals coming across our southern border. They would immediately realize that these illegals cause a big threat to the public health and safety for the American people. I’m just a plain American citizen, just as most are, but I can plainly see that and so can most of the American people. A normal Government would set in motion the necessary efforts to keep more from coming across and start deportation to return these people to their own country. As reported on Fox news there is terrorist coming across with the illegals and we all know what that means, the possibility for another 9-11.

But we must all remember that the Obama administration is not a normal government. It is a government of lies, falsehoods, and deceiving the American public. He is not for the black race, the white race, or is he for any other race. He is not for the veteran or the Christian people in this country. He is for, and his goal is, the total destruction of America as we know it. He is a Muslim and we must remember that by everything he does.

Instead of Mr. Obama stopping these people at the border to our country he did everything in his power as president to help them. We have Border Patrol agents babysitting, we are unloading the illegals at military bases. The welcome mat is out from Obama and no matter what he says or has said they are here to stay. That is his goal. Why would I say this? The main reason is you cannot believe a word Obama says and just like I did Every American should look at the Department of Homeland Security notice that appeared six months ago at the federal business opportunities site http://www.FedBizOpps.gov.

The notice was seeking “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children,” describing exactly the services that was required to process, not deport, the huge flood of illegals. I would rather call it an invasion. The notice was posted back in Jan. 29, 2014. Read the article on this web site http://allenbwest.com/2014/06/feds-advertised-escort-services-unaccompanied-alien-children-january/ This tells me The Department of Homeland Security was already getting ready to receive these illegal children. My question is this How did The Department of Homeland Security know this? Something is being hidden in Washington, and it starts with the federal government and it goes right to the top with Obama.

The Department of Homeland notice states this in part; “(DHS) has “a continuing and mission critical responsibility for accepting custody of unaccompanied alien children from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States.” What they are saying is these illegals are staying, at least if the Obama administration has its way. So please tell me what the reason is behind all this. They are not only letting in gangbangers and drug runners, but terrorist and diseases also. So what is the purpose behind all that?

According to the UAC services webpage of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the mission is to assist these minor illegal aliens “in becoming integrated members of our global society. ”Not our American” society. I do not know about you but there is a BIG difference there..

This explains why the Obama government is trying to do away with the small towns and the rural communities across this country, by dropping large groups of illegal aliens in their midst, all in the name of “compassion”. That is a joke because there is a bigger reason behind the whole thing.

Let me give you a example of how this is done and if you need more proof then research it as I did. The small town of Lawrenceville, in southern Virginia just this month over night woke up to find out that Washington was about to turn this town of 1,400 citizens into the host of 500 illegal minors.

Such a huge transfer of Spanish-speaking and illegals to boot, probably will change it forever. Then we must not forget the increase in crime and the possibility of diseases, but a grass roots movement by the people of that small town put a stop to it. From California to Massachusetts are doing the same thing because they are being over whelmed.

Some people (The resettlement crowd) saying where is the compassion. Where is all the love and charity? But is that what is really on their mind, charity and love? I do not think so! They want your tax dollar and mind to resettle more people. Different web sites will tell you that population replacement is a very big business. It is a big business because people like Obama want to “fundamentally” transform” this country

Southwest Key is a company, with an annual budget of more than $150 million, “most of this comes from federal government contracts.” (Now here is the point that I want to make, the chairman of Southwest Key’s board of directors, Victor Garza, is an official of La Raza, which works to reclaim the Southwest for Mexico. You’re paying for this with your tax dollars.

Look how he has alienated our allies. Look how he has cut our military forces and the list goes on and on. Obama and his cronies are destroying America from within and who knows where we will be at by the end of his term in the white house. The word he used in his campaign promises was transformation of this country, but he should have said the tearing apart of this country. Because that is exactly what he is doing and he knows it.