Remembering The Fall of 2012

How many American can remember back to the fall of 2012; when Obama made reference to a “red line in the sand” signifying to the Syria leader (Assad) that if he used chemical weapons on the Syrian people during their fighting among their selves, he (Obama) would strike back at him for the chemical attract. This statement by Obama was just a few weeks before the presidential election and this, most likely, appeared to be a good campaign statement that would help him with the votes and his re-election.

It is no doubt in the minds of most Americans that Obama felt it was most unlikely that Assad would resort to using chemical weapons on the Syrian people, and that would give him a convincing image to the American people without really taking any action. But what Obama did not know was that Assad would, in a heartbeat, use the nerve gas on his own people and he did use it. Now, for over a week, the whole world looked to Obama to see what he would do and as usual, like with any other issue, he did the side step polka.

Obama talked of using missiles, and then he said he would not do anything to under mind or destabilize Assad, and then he said it would be just a small attack, and then he wanted to get the international inspector’s report on what happened. And now, at last he has decided in all his wisdom that it was a decision that Congress should make. But that presented more problems for Obama because Congress was not going to support an attack against Syria. Finally, for once, Congress listened to the majority of the American people. That rejection, if it came to a vote in congress would be a big embarrassment for Obama.

As luck would have it here comes Putin with a solution to the whole problem. Russia will take over control of Syria’s chemical weapons and once they had control turn the weapons over to an international commission. Obama is saved from embarrassment and being thought of as a weak president by his supporters. This could, for the most part, take months to finalize and should take care of the problem and let Obama off the hook for shooting off his big mouth and then not backing it up.

Most Americans think that Obama’s foreign policy is confusing, lacking vision, lacking initiative and determination. They might be right, but I see things differently. I believe Obama foreign policy is this; He wants to see a Muslim world controlled by the Muslim brotherhood. Every time there is a conflict in the Middle East he always sides with the Muslim Brother Hood or whoever side the Brother Hood is on.

We are no longer respected by the rest of the world because of Obama’s actions. Our allies do not trust us because of Obama and our enemies are not scared of us anymore because of Obama. We can only hope that the world will remain somewhat stable for the remainder of his term in office.


Why is Syria America’s Responsibility?

What a lot of Americans and I do not understand about this debacle in Syria is; Where is the outrage from the Muslim countries over the use of chemical weapons on their own people? Why are they not saying anything? Why are they not stepping up and demanding answers? Why are America and the Western world expected to end the violence and the bloodshed in the Middle East? When will the Arab countries look out for their own people?

The thought here is maybe instead of the United States going into every Muslim country of the world to stop the madness that exist in just about every Muslim country, we should ask (or even demand) the Muslim world to deal with their own problems or even better let Allah take care of it for a change.

Muslim extremists blame the United States for all their problems that have been created by their own leaders. It is time to force the Muslim leaders in the Middle East to deal with their issues and problems that they have created their self. Let them build an army and send their young men to fight, to be maimed, to bleed, and to die. Let them take care of their own problems with their religion of peace.