America Where Do We Stand?

As an American I continually wonder, where my country is headed and the even bigger question is how safe are we really. I am 69 years old (Thank you Lord) and I have never seen a leader of our country (Democrat or Republican) that never had a plan to deal with countries that want to do America harm unless it was Jimmy Carter. But for the life of me I cannot see what Obama’s overall plan for dealing with the threats America faces daily from such countries as Iran, North Korea, and Putin’s Russia is. Then we have ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and Boca Haram. Do you not get the feeling that we are aimlessly adrift without a helmsman to guide the helm and take control of this country? Someone needs to get a grip on leadership in this country!

A short time ago, Netanyahu was invited to address the United States Congress on America’s dealing with Iran and their nuclear program, (He spoke the truth!). As we all know America (The Big Satan) and Israel (The Little Satan) are Iran’s main two targets soon as Iran gains its nuclear bomb ability. And how close is that? The world is like a checker board. If we were playing checkers, our first thought would be, what is the worst case scenario facing America, and how do we deal with it? Thus, what is the worst case, concerning our national survival? To be truthful and honest with ourselves, it has to be that Iran has its nuclear bomb capability now!

Newsmax in one of its recent issues said this, “Four of America’s top security experts advised that Iran could strike the U.S.” The article shows how an attack could occur in several different ways through the use of their present existing missile and satellite capabilities, plus they are developing and have submarine capability. It is, in most people’s opinion, even scarier, that Iran and North Korea are allies in nuclear growth, expansion, and testing.

The question all Americans should ask is: Obama, what are we doing about this critical situation and why are we downsizing our military? Are you for or against America? Everything that he does seems to be to the contrary.