The Master Baiter

“Communism (socialism) works only in heaven where they don’t need it and in Hell where they’ve already got it.” (President Ronald Reagan).

Most of us like to take satisfaction in ourselves on how we can find a bargain and saved money. But we also must realize everything comes with a price tag. There are a very few of us who like to admit we’ve been fooled. There is always going to be someone or something to bait us? It is much like when we bait a mouse trap. All the mouse sees and imagines is the taste of the cheese. He does not see the trap. All the while the person who baited the trap has that cheese eating grin on his face.

This is happening in our nation. Regardless of what we think or know for sure, the Obamacare is the deceiving bait. It may look good and it may sound good to a lot of people. Everyone in this country will be helped and it will save money, so the baiter said. If you live in the real world like me you will see this Obamacare is a back door approach by the baiter, to lead us into socialism. Something that has failed in every country it has been tried in, but the master cheese baiter keeps baiting with his free cell phones, Obamacare, and his famous quotes of “wanting to spread the wealth around”, and the list goes on. Socialism can be made to look very attractive just like the cheese on a mouse trap. But if you read the history books like I have you will see it has failed miserably throughout the history of the world.

Adolph Hitler began his rise to power by establishing, a socialistic health care system, as bait, in Germany during the 1930s. The people took the bait and were caught in the trap just like the mouse in the trap. The German people suffered for years under a ruthless and cruel dictator for years.

Communism is a form of socialism. Russia went bankrupt through this system trying to keep up with our American economy at the time. Literally millions of Russian people were slaughtered in order to set up socialism in that country, but the system failed. O why would we want it in America? I could go on and on about this but you must read and search out for yourself what is being said here.

The trap has been baited and set. It is called “Obamacare.” The American people are at the early stages of losing all their precious freedoms in a law that is over two thousand pages long and they do not even realize it.




As I travel around the Delmarva Peninsula I hear more and more  people talking about this past presidential election. Some were happy with Obama winning another term and others not so happy because they see as I do the pending downfall of America as Obama continues his dismantling of America. I heard one person say, as a smile came across their face, finally they will get some decent health insurance, but will they?  Sorry to say, It will not be as easy as that. That smile will go away and disappear as Obamacare is fully implemented. A person cannot use an insurance, no matter how good it is, if they cannot find a doctor. More people will be enrolled in this government insurance but there will be fewer doctors to treat these people. Their smile will soon turn into a frown and discontentment when doctors start to close their practices because of the low rate of reimbursement. Their income will not be sufficient to maintain a private office and pay their help. Obamacare has already started to gut Medicare.

If you are a Medicare recipient do not forget the 15-member Board in Washington, appointed by our fearless leader, to determine if you, or I, are too old or too sick to get a knee replacement or have  heart surgery. Obamacare legislation is more than 2000 pages. Few knew then or now the whole contents of the bill when it was passed with only Democratic legislators supporting it. It was not crafted and put together with or by professional medical people  to determine and sort out what was best and needed  But the truth is it was put together by a bunch of congressional staffers that Nancy Pelosi put together. I will agree, as most people will, better health care is needed in America, but, I’m sorry to say Obamacare is not the answer the American people are searching for. Obamacare is a tax, it will raise your taxes, adds additional charges for  many people, lessens the quality of care and will have the “efficiency” of the federal government, which is none. They cannot run any program right, so, how do you think they can manage your medical care. If Obama care is so great why is not Obama and his family enrolled in it? Why aren’t  the members of congress enrolled in it if it is the answer to all the problems facing people who need medical insurance?

How long after this Obamacare starts before the nursing homes start closing and the senior citizens are no longer cared for. We as Americans need to ask these questions and you will be surprised what you might hear or see in the very near future with Obamacare.