AMERICA – A Country In Distress

It seems to me if people can use the American flag as a door mat, if they can spit on it, burn it, write nasty slogans on it, step all over it, and degrade it, then people who want to fly the flag upside down should be allowed to fly the flag that way? Under the conditions normally set for the military at sea if you fly your flag upside down on a ship it means you are in distress. And most people in their right mind think America is in distress.  After looking up the word in the dictionary for a clear meaning I think America is in distress. Our country is suffering and in agony. This is not the same country we grew up in.  America is on a slippery slope to destruction and only the people with common sense can see the destruction coming. The other side of the coin is there are people who will still follow the pied piper and still drink the Kool Aid.

Most Christians and most conservative Americans were shocked and scared when Obama won re-election. They have a right to be after his first term of dismantling and destroying our country. A person has to question how did he ever get re-elected after seeing what he did to our country the first four years. But the fact is they need to be more scared of the people that re-elected him. These are the same people that can re-elect another Obama if there is ever to be another election. Who are these people who would destroy the greatest nation on the face of the earth? It is people who, like Obama, hate America, people who will not work and want government handouts, people who have worked hard to bring capitalism down and to have a socialist (communist) nation take its place. Then there are the people who know no better, the ones that are deceived by the master deceiver himself. They are like little children holding their hand out for a free gift. These are the people who we really need to take notice of. It is a sad state of affairs when the takers of a nation can rule that nation being maintained and held up by the makers. There is something wrong with this picture.

When the American voter will re-elect a man that is a deceiver, a liar, one with a narcissistic personality, a divider, and a hater of our country, then we as a nation are in trouble.  As I read in some of commentates I see where there is a movement, in over forty states, by some of the people to secede from the union. Some will say it will not last but this movement will only grow and if nothing changes it could turn into another civil war. I know a lot of people do not want to hear that. So will say that is going a little too far, but the truth is America is ripe for such a thing and most of it is caused by our great divider in chief. The one who worked so hard to divide this nation the last four years.  Hard working people will only go so far in letting the government take their money and calling it taxes, while giving it to the takers.

As more and more of our constitutional rights are taken from us people will stand up and say enough is enough. America is more divided and split apart than she has ever been. Deliverance will not come from the barrel of a gun or a voting machine. Most Americans have never been so homesick before wanting the America of old, the one they grew up in and could feel safe in, to return. It is the time for all Americans that know how to pray to get on their knees and pray for deliverance. People will soon realize this when all else fails. There is only one who holds the keys to the future of America and He is the Rock this country was built on. JESUS CHRIST