CONSERVATIVES – Don’t Be Decieved

Obama said in an after election speech that Americans need to set aside partisan politics, stop opposing each other and come together, as a nation, to fix our country’s problems. He has said that there will have to be concessions and compromise made if there is to be any progress in solving the overwhelming problems facing this country. He was right in his statement. When you stop and think what he is saying it appears to be a sensible idea, in fact, it seems evident that is what needs to be done to pull America out of the hole that it is in. That is what we all want. A thriving, safe, and secure America for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. The problem with his speech is once you start looking at what the liberal commentators have to say, you soon read between the lines and see the real upcoming agenda of Obama and his liberal friends. I do a lot of reading of conservative and liberal opinions every day. The majority of the opinion articles, from the liberals, that I have read recently,  seem to indicate it is conservatives in this country who must be willing to make the concessions. I have not read or heard of any liberal concessions as to the needs of the American people. During the next four years I see no coming together of liberals and conservatives.

In my opinion this is the biggest problem facing this country is the balance between the liberals and the conservatives is already leaning too far to the left. It is difficult to ask a person to concede further on issues when they have given more than enough already and after giving get nothing in return except more taxes, more government control, more political speeches with no meaning, and less freedom. The rhetoric seems to be endless, especially when Obama is doing the talking. He says one thing, but does the opposite. That is what is known as a deceiver or better yet a liar. With respect I honor the office of president, but not for him. Not for a man that goes against everything this country stands for. Obama needs to show the American people that these speeches are not just political, that it is not just political maneuvering so he can blame conservative leaders, like he did President Bush the last four years later when his socialist policies fail or he does not get what he wanted. The Obama speeches since the election are doing nothing but setting the American people up for another four years of another do nothing presidency that does not have the best interest of the American people at heart.

We have a narcissistic president who is so self absorbed in his ideas to make America what he wants it to be that he overlooks and seems to just not care about American values. The values that have made this nation strong. He is a man that shows his self to be conceited, egotistical, and a person who will have it his way or no way at all. So do not think that this man has a change of heart. He is still the man of four years ago that promised change and is doing everything in his power to change America into a communist country. We must face the facts about this man and his liberal friends. As long as he is president will not have a strong economy or a secure nation. The next four years will only show an increase in terror from our Muslim friends, violence at the border, illegal aliens, a weak military, and unemployment. Who will be the blame this time?