Spreading The Gospel

The purpose of Evangelism is to share and instruct in the Gospel and to witness to others about the Lord. Spreading the Gospel was one of the last commandments of our Lord before He went back to Heaven. We do not have to go all over the world spread the Gospel as some are called to do. Most people cannot afford that. All over America there is a great number of people that need to hear the Gospel. There are more people all over America, now, that know not God than ever before in the history of this country. We have almost become a godless nation. A nation without God or His Son. There are other countries around the world that now send missionaries to America to witness to a lost generation.

The church that I attend use to send hundreds of Bibles all over the world, including Russia, South America, The Middle East, Africa, and many other places in their native language but now our church put most of its resources in the spreading of the Gospel here in the United States while there is still time to do it. There is always people to see and places to go to spread the Gospel of Christ. This country did not turn its back on God over night and it will not come back to God over night.

We need rivals to spread all over this land like fire. We need anointed preachers that are not afraid to preach “What saith the Lord.” We do not need spineless preachers preaching a spineless Gospel in the churches of America!  If the preachers in this country would have preached hell fire once in a while along with the message of the cross we would have not seen the rise of so much sin in this country. The Word of God is like a two edge sword that can cut both ways. The Gospel message is not a prosperity message or one of just love or one of just sin.  It is a well rounded Gospel centered around the cross and the Lord Jesus Christ. A well rounded Gospel is needed today more than ever.

 Every Christian must recognize the sinful condition of America and remember that there is no forgiveness outside of the Grace of God. If we renew important things in our life such as, our driver’s license and wedding anniversaries, and close relationships on a regular basis, shouldn’t we also renew the most important relationship of all and that is our relationship with Jesus Christ?