It Is The Truth That Matters


I was always raised to be truthful (to tell the truth when asked), not to be deceitful, and to be trustworthy. I want someone in the White House that will do the same thing. A person who will stand before the American people and tell it like it is. When will Obama start speaking the truth and stop being a deceiver?

In Iraq, whole Chaldean Catholic towns, going back many centuries ago, have been burned and destroyed, the people killed by ISIS. There are some villages, in the mid east that still speak the language of Christ, which is Aramaic, and they have been under attack by Muslim terrorist.

Most Muslim countries still prohibit (do not allow) Christian churches . The country of Saudi Arabia would not even allow Christian services when American troops were stationed there in 1991 to protect that kingdom . In Egypt church-burnings and attacks on Christian exploded after the 2011 “Arab Spring.” Christians were being murdered all over the middle east. There is no hiding that fact. So at the National Prayer Breakfast Obama tries to do a cover up job. Why would any person that knows the true facts to try to cover up or disguise such horrible atrocities?

Barack Obama. (Our Muslim president who claims to be a Christian) at the National Prayer showed his inclination (or his true colors) to praise and commend Islam as a “religion of peace,” and he went to great lengths to warn Christians, who live in America, to watch their behavior toward Muslims. To me that was a slap in the face. After all the bombings and killing of Americans here in our own country Obama has the audacity to make that statement and he is the leader of this country. Whose side is he on?

Obama said “we had better not get on our high horse,”, about riding across any deserts to destroy ISIS, but “we should “remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” What he failed to say is that during the crusades the Christians once again were defending their self from the same un-human atrocities that is going on in today’s world, such as killing, beheading, burning people alive, and enslaving people. As if that were not enough, he added to his list the sinful deeds and intentions of Christianity “slavery and Jim Crow, all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

By the time he said all this, if the crowd that was in attendance did not make a choice to leave and go home go home rather than stay for the rest of Obama’s sermon, they’re not the kind of Christians that I would want to spend my time with.

According to Obama, Slavery was the great Christian sin. What he did not say was slavery was aided and abetted in Africa by Arab and African tribal leaders and traders, (some of the very same people that he is trying to protect) and was finally done away with when the British Royal Navy (in other words, Christians) no longer allowed slave ships to move across the Atlantic. Obama failed to mention this because it would not go along with his plans. As with all religions, Christianity has erred (some have sinned) to some degree, but Christianity has also righted itself (asked for forgiveness) and has repented.

For Obama to compare events of 500 or 1,000 years ago in Christianity with actions today of the Islamic State, or the Shiite Iraqi militias, or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or the Yemeni Houthis or the Nigerian Boko Haram is simply unfounded, unreasonable, and essentially, for the most part, historically dishonest. But anybody with any sense at all knows that Obama is a, look you in the face, liar. God always makes things right.

Obama plays golf while America and the world crumble. Why is Obama giving a pass (for the most part) to these terrorists? Why can’t he say Muslim terrorist? Why does he cover up the Bengasi murders when it is a proven fact that it was Muslim terrorist who planned and carried out the attack? Why did he call the attack on our soldiers at Fort Hood workplace violence? The list could go on and on. The answer is very simple. Obama is an “in the closet” Muslim. Most people will agree and they think the same thing, but will not say it in the open. That is what is wrong with our country today, people will not speak up.

Obama, for the most part has turned his back on Christians and Israel as well. He sat under The Rev. Wright’s teaching as he spewed out everything but the gospel message. A true Christian would come out of that kind of teaching and renounce it for what it is. Have you noticed that Obama makes fun of, or criticizes the Holy Bible while always quoting the Karan? Obama and his wife blame America for all the world problems. We have a man in the White House Who does not have the best interest of America at heart.

I do not care what race you may be but if you are a follower of Jesus Christ you must stand up for what is right and most of all a leader, who by the grace of God, will make things right and an stand up for what is right.


The Great Pretender


A couple of days ago approximately fifty world leaders went to France to march as one in unity against Islamic extremism. Not included in this show of unity of world leaders was Obama or anyone from the White House. World leaders marched in solidarity while Obama watched a football game in the White House. Eric Holder was in Paris, he simply didn’t attend the rally.

Did you know that after 9/11, French President Jacques Chirac was the first foreign leader to visit the White House. He stood in unity with America. All that France has endured this past week, the Obama White House just sent the US Ambassador to France to attend the rally when should have been there his self. Do you remember, as I do, Obama sent three representatives to Mike Brown’s funeral this past summer and made a big issue about it. This speaks volumes about Obama.

This is the same administration that refused to call Benghazi a “terrorist attack.”This is the same administration that goes out of its way to avoid using the term “Islamic terrorism.” This is the same administration that renamed terrorist attacks as “man made disasters” This is the same administration that is more interested in releasing terrorists than keeping them off the battlefields. The facts are Barack Hussein Obama has proven that he is unwilling to fight Islamic terrorism.The fact that Barack Obama chose watching football over marching alongside other world leaders is shameful and it should tell other Americans something. Some Americans say that it is weakness, but when we really look it is not weakness. It can be called nothing less than the “Enemy Within”

In his book “THE AUDACITY OF HOPE” Obama said “if the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims”. That was his true feelings. In the same book he also said at around the age of 12 or 13 he renounced his mother’s race and turned his back on his white heritage. He attended a radical Muslim school in Indonesia for 3 years.

Can our country stand until he is out of office or what is down the road in America’s future? Will there be another president? Will America recover and be strong once again?