al Qaida On The Run

Can you remember when the Democratic Party and the liberal press were so upset by the showing off of president Bush for arriving on an American aircraft carrier, in the back seat of a jet fighter even though he had been a capable and certified fighter pilot. When the fight in Iraq continued, the liberal press continually and without end wore out the carrier landing with Bush in the back seat of a jet fighter and the carrier’s banner that was displayed. The press had a big to-do over that and it took them a long time to put it to rest.

The question that needs to be asked is What happened In the 2012 presidential election? Where was the press and where are they now when Obama proclaimed and broadcasted over the news media to the American people his own “Mission Accomplished” statement in declaring al Qaida was on the run and that the war on terror for all intents and purposes was over. Republicans and some doubting Thomas’ in the news outlets questioned the claim, but the liberal press did not question the statement at all but, in fact they relished the statement Obama made and made a big to-do over it. There was much to do over his statement.

The sad thing about this is the claim by our so called leader should have been identified by the press for what it was, not true, and brought to the light as a false statement when last September the Islamic terrorist attacked the Benghazi complex and killed our ambassador and several other Americans, but Obama and Hilary fabricated the story, to suit their purposes and their agenda calling it a peaceful demonstration that got out of hand and then went out of control. The whole truth of this matter has never come to the light and most likely never will as long as Obama is in office. But the news reporters in this country keep giving Obama a pass.

Then we must not forget the Boston Marathon bombings, and the people who were maimed and murdered there by Islamic terrorists. Currently our embassies all over the Middle East were closed just because of assumed attacks, that might happen, by the defeated terrorists who are on the run (as Obama calls them). The American people need to take Obama and the liberal press to task for his dishonest and deceiving claim and the liberal press for how they report things to the American people.

The truth of the matter, which you will not hear from Obama or his administration is the Islamic jihad Against the American people and the country that most Americans love so dearly continues with no end in sight and a we have a president who wants the American people to think that al Qaida is on the run. – Really—For all intent and purposes by the looks of things al Qaida has this administration on the run.