Return To What We Know Is Right

Looking back to the awful killing of this nation’s children in the different schools across our nation it is so sad, so devastating to the families, the community and the world. It is such a tragedy, to not only the children especially, but also the adults, the parents and the nation. A person my age has to ask this all important question; “What has happened in our society today that has made these school shootings so frequent? If you just take time to look a blind man can see it.

Things need to change in America. We do not need more gun laws, or more police patrolling the halls of our schools. I have written many articles on this, but I feel like enough is never said about this. Morality in our public is gone and prayer was taken out of the public schools in 1963. Since 1963, several trends have occurred. Teenage pregnancy has risen, divorce rates have tripled and violent crimes and drugs have become lifestyles.

These trends have resulted in children in single-parent homes where the child has been deserted by one parent or the other,sometimes both. These children feel abandoned and are scared in heart, mind and spirit. They have no one to turn to and often end up engaging self-destructive behavior.We need to allow God back in the classrooms and return prayer to our schools. We have put God out in the cold. God is gone from our schools and now we have mass killings of our kids, drugs, sex, and who knows what else in our schools.

The people who stopped prayer in schools are partly to blame. These children need a friend to turn to and have a personal relationship with. They need God. We need to pray for America to change from its promiscuous lifestyle. That lifestyle has resulted in more than 60 million babies being aborted. This act will never be justified by our Heavenly Father. If we as a nation want our schools to be a safe haven again then we must have God as a part of our school system.