Taking A Moment To Thank Them


A couple weeks ago was a very interesting day for me as I had the honor of talking to a World War Two veteran and listing to him speak about that terrible war. when I came home This man, this hero, so profoundly made a great impression on me that I wrote an article ( The Vanishing American ) on my blog, about me meeting him and for evermore that meeting will be imprinted on my mind. I was and still am a person that gives thanks to our veterans  for their serve to our country and to the ideals it stands for.  Veteran’s Day is a great day for all Americans to take time to give thanks to a veteran, but the truth is, any day is a great day to give thanks to those who served our country. Veterans are everywhere. Veterans  from WWII are dying off by the hundreds every day in this county. Today no matter where you are at today, in church, at the store, a restaurant or where ever you are, take the time to thank a veteran for serving their country and making this country the strongest country in the world.  Look around you today and find someone to thank for what they did to let you live in peace and liberty. That peace and liberty came with a price. God bless those veterans!