IDENTIFICATION: A Requirement To Vote


In this country most states require identification for just about everything. For example, the State of Maryland (Better known as the tax and spend state) requires the following: Inspection Stations require you to show “two I.D.’s” if you write a check for the $14 fee To have your car inspected in that state. If you apply for a Maryland Drivers License you need: [1] Proof of age and identity. [2] Document of lawful status. [3 Valid and verifiable Social Security number or proof of ineligibility. [4] Proof of residency requires “two sources” which has to have applicant’s residence on them.

Yet to vote, which requires one to be a citizen of the United States the voter, in Maryland and most other states needs, no Identification whatsoever to vote. In this country it is one vote per legal resident over the age of 18, yet no formal I.D.s are required in most states. It is time to change the laws not only in the State of Maryland to show an I.D. to vote, but also it should also be a federal law in this country. The current administration in the State of Maryland (like so many other liberal states), is so intent on protecting the illegal immigrants rights more then those who are here legally and paying “their fair share of tax’s” in Maryland.

The sad thing is the voter fraud among the Democrat party has been a problem for years. They really get out the vote on election day. The dead come out of their grave to vote on election day and some more than once. Dogs, cats, horses, and you name it will vote on election day and all will vote for Obama and any other liberal who is running for office. It is a sad commentary to have the future of our country decided by this, but it is possible because it is a tight race.

This election is the most important election of our time. It is an election to determine the course of our country for decades to come. Socialism or Capitalism, dictatorship or a republic, More government control or less control, freedom of religion, and the list goes on and on. Voter fraud has long been a concern of those of us who argue that people can easily register under the names of deceased citizens, double register, or even vote without citizenship, thus compromising the democratic system Americans hold dear.

Voter Fraud Deniers Ignore the Facts. Twelve thousand noncitizens registered to vote in Colorado; apparently 5,000 of those voted in 2010. The State of Florida is suing the Department of Homeland Security to obtain a list of noncitizens in order to purge the state’s voter rolls before the 2012 election, and was just sued in return by the Barack Obama-Eric Holder Department of Justice with a lawsuit for purging its voter registration rolls. It is a federal crime for an illegal alien to register to vote or to vote in U.S. elections. Yet, rather than enforcing federal law, the Obama-Holder Department of Justice is intent upon punishing states that purge their rolls or enact laws requiring voter ID.

Voter and election fraud does exist in America today. The Obama-Holder Department of Justice should be aggressively seeking to ensure the integrity of American election process, instead of  wanting to sue the states who are trying to do the federal governments job.