The Truth About Fake News

Since day one of Trump’s presidency there has been plenty of disapproval by the liberal press, the democrats, the socialist, and just plain haters of the American way, that I would like to list a few of his accomplishments, because the news media will not. As anybody knows they are Trump Haters. As you read these please remember this has all happen in a year’s time by a man who is not a politician but just a man who loves his country and its people.

The stock market has broken all record highs several times over.

The unemployment rate is the lowest in many years. This is not because of shovel ready jobs as our past president was promoting but it was getting out there and bringing jobs back to America.

1.7 million New jobs have put people back to work. Please remember this all happen in just one year. Trump never promised shovel ready jobs. He promised to bring jobs back to this country and he is doing that at a fast pace.

One of President Trumps campaign promises was that he will move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a law that was passed in 1995 by our congress but never fulfilled by former presidents even though it was promised in several presidents elections by the candidates.

Following up on campaign promises,   Following the new tax law, many      companies, including Toyota and Mazda, have agreed to either move back to     the U.S. or open an additional business here.

Forty U.S. companies have already given raises to their employees or bonuses or both due to the tax break.

Trump has increased the military, for our protection.

Funding for over 800 new policemen issued.

Cut the time of approval for infrastructure permits.

Trump has made progress on the wall to stop illegal immigration while at the same time the liberal democrats are trying to stop him because of the votes and believe it or not some Republicans are trying to stop it because of the cheap labor the illegals bring with them when they enter this country illegally.

These are just a few of the many achievements accomplished this past year that should give, we the people, increased confidence in our government. But for the most part we never hear about these achievements because the media never said a word about it.
The liberal media came went ballistic, “Does he wear dentures?” “How much TV does he watch?” “Will he be cutting down on his ice cream?”  What flavors is he fond of. They persuaded themselves in that he had dementia, congested and blocked arteries . All of the media on Trump’s top Fake news Stories list is about as fake as they come. You can add deceivers and lairs to that also. Our media is an shame to all true Americans. They aren’t there to share news with public, they are there to make their fake news and get themselves in front of the camera while representing liberal interests. One day they will wish they reported the truth.