Just The Facts

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Remember the old TV program “DRAGNET” with Jack Webb? One of his famous lines was “Just the facts man”. So let us deal with just the facts today in this article.

There are so many articles in the local newspaper lately about gun control that would make a person think that there is an agenda by the left to remove guns from this country. I never realized or knew how big this movement was until I read several different articles in the paper. There are never are any articles about pro-gun just anti Gun. People, especially teenagers, will protest without knowing all the facts, without even knowing why they are protesting. Some teenagers were asked what they were protesting and they could not even answer. They only protest what they hear or see and because other people are doing it, without ever checking the facts. These teenagers are better known as the Tide-Pod generation. It is called the dumbing down of our kids. Before they protest about anything, including guns, they should be required to study the Constitution of the United States.

For example, we had school kids all over the country [on a certain day] walking out of school protesting the recent shootings in schools. I wonder how many of these students would have protested if the protest were held not during school hours. The media was all over the story about kids walking out in protest but nothing was said about some kids in schools having a walk in instead of a walk out. What more can you expect from a liberal press? There was some difference of opinion over the issue of gun control and the violence caused by these shootings but the American people read only one side of the issue. How in just a short time could there have been such a walkout all across this nation? The answer is, it was planned and put into effect as soon as the school shooting happened by liberals and progressives who want to see the confiscation of guns in this country.

At one school kids were so unruly during the walkout they destroyed an American flag which is all a part of the liberal agenda and then tried to assault a police officer. The very flag they destroyed represents the very means that allows them to protest.

They were protesting, if that was what you could call it, and most of them knew nothing of what they were protesting. By that I mean the deep roots of why they were protesting are not being brought to the front. I am not afraid to say there is a bigger issue behind all of this and it is not about gun violence. There was a picture in the paper of a girl holding a sign that said: “Eighteen Century laws can’t regulate 21st-century weapons”. Down through the history of this country, our constitution with all its laws has done a pretty good job so far. What law or amendment does she want to go next? These signs are right out of the communist playbook. After the guns go the liberals will have the Holy Bible gone and their version will replace it.

How about the fact that there are 11 kids a day killed in this country a day because of texting on their cell phones while driving. That is over 4000 thousands kids a year being killed by texting and driving. I guess we should ban cell phones from kids and while we are at it automobiles too because they are part of the blame for this sad waste of human life. Another sign held by another kid said; ”we want education without fear of annihilation”. I also would like that same thing whenever I drive to the store or drive to church without the fear of being killed by a teenager texting while driving.

The sad truth here is most kids are being dumb down by a liberal agenda that are using gunning violence as a platform to promote their agenda. It is sad when liberals’ have to use our kids to promote their communist agenda. It is the liberals’ in this country that are trying to mobilize our kids for their cause. More time should be spent on teaching the history of this country and what it stands for. But what is happening is some of our histories are being deleted out of our history books and our school curriculum. What percentage of kids in this country even know what the Constitution is and what it stands for, sad to say a very few if any.

The issue is not about gun control. It is about controlling a nation of free people by taking away the only means of keeping ourselves free. Some people will laugh at that statement. But it is the truth. History is trying to repeat itself right in our backyards and most people cannot even see it. We only need to look at Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and many other nations. Look at what happened to them. The guns were taken and then the real slaughter began. Millions were murdered because they protested the governments of these countries. This is the same road America is going down. A gentleman from Scotland wrote, to the local newspaper and said This; America has no need of people running around with guns. He also stated we have a most capable military to protect us. This is true. We have the finest military to protect us from all outside threats but not from the Trojan horse which is getting bigger in our country.  That is the reason for the second amendment and the reason for our Constitution.

Lastly, I read an article in the local paper about a church that was having a prayer vigil against gun violence. That may be fine, but the church [all churches] needs to go above and beyond this. The sad thing id their mind is dull and they are being deceived. Any Bible believing church knows there is more to be done than just a prayer vigil against gun violence. The roots of the problem go a lot deeper than gun violence. It is called THE SIN PROBLEM; which is an all-inclusive word for Rebellion against God and His Word. The history of the world, as eyed through the Bible and some other good history books, plainly show the fact that when God is in control the nation prospers and when God is not in control there is evil, violence, and every sin a person can imagine. My friends God is not in control of America. We have forsaken Him. We as a people have turned our backs on him and now we are reaping what we have sown.  America is now reaping for the killing of millions of unborn children in the womb, the removing of anything that pertains to God from our schools and government buildings, and the promoting of homosexual lifestyles in the schools and in government, which clearly are against God’s laws. Our government and sad to say most of our churches are falling short of preaching and upholding the truth and the Constitution of this country.

It is true that the United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world, but if you remove Chicago, Washington, DC., Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans look what happens. The United States comes in at 189th out of 193 countries in the entire world. And what is more amazing is the five cities mentioned here have the most strict gun control laws in the nation. Now please tell me about people wanting to pass more gun control laws. The true problem in this country is not the need for more laws. It is THE SIN PROBLEM.