Democrats aren’t losing faith in our constitutional system, they just don’t like it

In liberals’ imaginations, there are only four ways to lose elections — and none has to do with their leftist turn, their hysterics or their one-dimensional identity politics. Democrats say they lose because of gerrymandering, voter suppression (sometimes known as asking for ID), Russian mind-control rays deployed by social media, and our antiquated and unfair Constitution. That last excuse is becoming increasingly popular among pundits who continue to invent new crises to freak out about.

Take Vox’s Ezra Klein, a longtime champion of direct democracy: “I don’t think people are ready for the crisis that will follow if Democrats win the House popular vote but not the majority,” he tweeted before the midterms. “After Kavanaugh, Trump, Garland, Citizens United, Bush v. Gore, etc, the party is on the edge of losing faith in the system (and reasonably so).”
The “House popular vote” now joins the “national popular vote” and “Senate popular vote” as fictional gauges of governance used by Democrats who aren’t brave enough to say they oppose the fundamental anti-majoritarianism that girds the Constitution.
Otherwise, why would Democrats lose faith in a “system” that is doing exactly what was intended? The Constitution explicitly protects small states (and individuals) from national majorities. The argument for diffusing democracy and checking a strong federal government is laid out in The Federalist Papers and codified on an array of levels. This was done on purpose. It is the system.
I mean, do Democrats really believe that the Electoral College was constructed to always correspond with the national vote? Do they believe that the signers of the Constitution were unaware that some states would be far bigger than others in the future? If the Founding Fathers didn’t want Virginia to dictate how people in Delaware lived in 1787, why would they want California to dictate how people in Wyoming live in 2018? If you don’t believe that this kind of proportionality is a vital part of American governance, you don’t believe in American governance.
You can despise Brett Kavanaugh all you like, but why would Democrats lose faith in “the system” that saw Republicans follow directions laid out in the Constitution for confirming a Supreme Court nominee? Why would Democrats lose faith in “the system” that elected Donald Trump using the same Electoral College that every other president used? Why would they lose faith in a system that houses a Supreme Court that stops the other branches from banning political speech? When the Supreme Court affirmed the election of George W. Bush, it turned out to be the right call.
It’s because they see the system as a way to achieve partisan goals, not as a set of politically neutral idealistic values.
It’s not a civics problem, either. One hopes that such liberal activists as NBC News’ Ken Dilanian, who wonders “how much longer the American majority will tolerate being pushed around by a rural minority,” understand sixth-grade civics. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman surely knows that the Constitution doesn’t give “disproportionate weight” to smaller states. It intentionally gives all states the same weight in the Senate. Krugman only finds this idea “disproportionate” because it protects millions of Americans from the centralized coercive state that he envisions for them. The disproportionality he sees merely reflects his own concerns. It has nothing to do with the system.
Also, rural America doesn’t bully people such as Dilanian. The federal government was never supposed to be this powerful. Those in non-”forward-moving” America — those dummies Krugman would like to nanny from Washington — don’t very much care how Dilanian lives. He, on the other hand, has big plans for them.
It should be noted that these majoritarians throw millions of Americans aside to make this argument. We don’t know how a national majority would vote. There are many millions of Republicans in New York and California who don’t involve themselves in the futility of state politics. Those who rely on a “Senate popular vote” are being particularly dishonest, considering California didn’t have a Republican on the ballot Tuesday. There are more Republicans in California than there are in Wyoming.
But as you can see on Election Day, liberals have made “democracy” — a word mentioned zero times in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence — into a sacramental rite. Getting more votes in an election outweighs the inherent rights of liberty that are laid out in our founding documents — unless, of course, a right happens to intersect with some advantageous partisan idea, e.g., birthright citizenship; then Democrats become strict originalists.
The only reason these folks who claim to want to save Constitution from Trump see crisis in the system is that it fails to deliver for them politically. They’re not losing faith in the system. They just don’t like the system.
This article is by David Harsany who is a is a senior editor at The Federalist

A Letter To The Editor


America loses if GOP wins
Nov 1, 2018
I am a 75, almost 76, year old minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am an African-American who grew up in the Jim Crow era in America.

I thought I had gotten used to the hatred, the mean looks and the prejudicial attitude but it appears to be getting worse since Donald Trump became president. If you don’t believe it, walk a mile in my color.

Donald Trump is more concerned about Donald Trump. His agenda is about me, my and I. He doesn’t really care bout his supporters. He is a con man and they are being flim-flammed. It’s really his wallet that he is concerned about.

A vote for the Republican Party is a vote for Donald Trump and a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, no health care insurance, new diseases caused by deregulation of everything that needs to be regulated to keep us safe, contaminated drinking water, pollution like you have never seen before, crumbling infrastructure, and no pre-existing conditions being covered.

This election is not a joke. If you really care about this country and democracy we all better take it seriously.

What is this president teaching our children? It’s okay to lie, it’s okay to be a big bully, it’s okay to disrespect women and little girls as long as you win. It doesn’t matter how you win. It doesn’t matter if the Republican Party uses corruptive tactics to suppress voter registration. If the Republicans win, America loses.

And for all you haters, you can’t take that hate to Heaven with you. God is Love. Think about it!

This letter is in response to Sarah Lee’s letter to the Star Democrat on Thursday. “How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.” Therefore, to set the record straight, I wanted to address some of the criticism directed towards Trump. What has become worse since Donald Trump has become President? The hate is from the liberals and the Democrat party, not President Trump. They are the ones who are spreading the hate. Since you have brought religion into this you as a minister of the Gospel should recognize this and Call for the good. Why do you as a minister of the Gospel align yourself to a party that promotes just about everything the Bible Condemns? I do not have to walk a mile in your colour as you have stated. I have walked many a mile in my own colour which is white and I have had many a trouble in my lifetime. I was poor, bullied by others because of being poor and looked at as second class, but yet by God’s Grace I arose above that. There are many people like me that rose above the hate and the bullying. The hate is getting worse in this country but Donald Trump is not causing it. Donald Trump’s agenda is not about his self or his wallet. It is about the American people and what is right. He has done so much already for this country, while not taking a cent in pay. More people in this country and this includes the black people have gone back to work and unemployment is at an all-time low. The economy is thriving. There is an all-time high of black people joining the Republican Party. How can one blame Trump for our crumbling infrastructure when it has been there for many a year and our inner cities are crumbling not because of Trump but by the management of the elected officials who are in most cases are Democrats. And you say Trump is disrespecting women. You are wrong again. I would say any party or president that promotes men using the woman’s bathroom is by far disrespecting woman. You are right this election is no joke. A vote for President Trump is a vote for America. Hate comes in many forms and should never be tolerated in any form. You are right you cannot take hate to heaven with you. You also cannot stand with people that go against what the Bible teaches and expect to go to Heaven.

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