The Problem is Not Guns

( This article is a response by Bill Patchett to an article in the Star Democrat news paper dated February 18 , 2018. His response below was published on February 19,2018. Your comments are welcome.)

In response to Louise Mccue’s comment in Sunday’s paper, the gun used to kill the children in Florida was not an automatic weapon as she claims. It is against the law in the United States to own an automatic weapon unless you have a license. The gun used here was a semi-automatic, which fires one bullet every time the trigger is pulled. The liberals would have you to believe it was an automatic.

Let us face some facts here. If a madman wants to kill, he does not need a gun to kill innocent people. He will always find a way. Killers do not need guns to kill people. Tim McVeigh used fertilizer, the 9-11 terrorists used box cutters and airplanes, the Nazis used cyanide gas, Taking guns away from innocent people will not protect innocent people.

The problem is not guns at all. The problem is we are living in a Godless society. Instead of trying to ban guns, try taking your kids to church, tell them who Jesus Christ is, become a family unit again, spend more time with your kids, tell them the difference between right and wrong, and become who you should be, a parent.

This problem is directly related to a combination of mental health, poor parenting or no parenting at all, and the dumbing down of this nation. When our children don’t know what bathroom to use, do not know if they are a boy or a girl, are offended by everything, and see that they are exonerated from their actions because they can blame it on others, that in itself is the problem.

Murder is illegal. Drugs are illegal. Yet they still happen. Calling for stronger gun laws isn’t the answer. It isn’t the gun. Start holding the person responsible, and the system that failed them.